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Convert your website into a mobile app from just $35 US. This is the cheapest of any service available online. We do not charge any monthly fees and no coding is needed by you. Get your app within 24 hours – ready to AppItUp™?

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About AppItUp™

An app for just $35? Yes, really

Just give us your site's URL, a logo and the app title you want and we'll do the rest for a one-off payment. You'll get your app within 24 hours, ready to upload and use forever. No monthly fees or hidden charges – unlike some services out there.

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Our Mission

Making apps – simple

We know how time-consuming it can be designing, building and maintaining an app, so we wanted to make it simple. So, we take your website and put it in an app – that simple! All the links, scripts, forms, videos and even ads will still work. It's perfect responsive designed websites and a great way to boost your brand.

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Why an app?

76 billion reasons

That's the number of app downloads in 2018 from the Google Play Store alone. In order to get your brand in front of users these days, you can't afford NOT to have an app.

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The benefits of your site as an app

Fast engagement

Users don't need to type your URL. The app sits on their phone's homescreen – ready to launch!

Automatic updates

No need to update the app. Changes to your site are reflected in the app immediately.

On or offline?

Your app will automatically tell users if their phone goes offline. But if you want an 'offline' app, you can send us all your website files instead.


We can build your app within 24 hours, saving you typically hundreds of hours on mobile app development.

Fully responsive

If your website is mobile responsive, your app will be. Visit your site from your smartphone and that's how your app will look.

Zero maintenance

Build once, use forever. You app will be ready to upload and you'll never need to update it again.

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What our customers say

Robert T

Creative Director - TravelEdge

We spent ages building our site and didn't want to waste more time designing an app. AppItUp wrapped up our site as a mobile app and we've never looked back!

Ash R

CEO - Viriditas

In order to get our brand to market as quickly as possible, we used AppItUp to convert our website to an Android app. We were very pleased with the result.

Penny B

Art Director - Shopea

I needed to get our startup in front of investors with the minimum of cost. AppItUp helped us do just that - thanks!

John M

Curator -

I already had a great website - so I just wanted to make it into an app. Job done!

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How does it work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3

We work hard, so you don't have to. We've tried to make it as easy as possible to get your app up and running - but you will need your own Google Play Developer account in order to publish apps as yourself or your own brand.

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Step 1

As soon as we have your site's URL, your logo, the app title you want and your payment, you'll get your finished app within 24 hours.

Step 2

Just upload your app to the store. Learn more about publishing to Google Play here.

Step 3

You can tweak the store listing as much as you want, but you won't need to update the app itself. Changes to your site will be available in your app immediately.

Ready to AppItUp™?

We look forward to working with you. If you're ready to get started turning your website into an app, or have any questions, just contact us below.

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We have 3 pricing options

Android starter

  • • Convert your site to an Android app
  • • One-time payment
  • • No monthly fees
$ 35

iOS starter

  • • Convert your site to an iOS app
  • • One-time payment
  • • No monthly fees
$ 55


  • • Android and iOS app
  • • Email support
  • • App Store Optimization
$ 89 / Month


All prices are quoted in US Dollars.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do once I've got the app?

All you need do is publish it to the store. Once we have your details, you'll receive your finished app within 24 hours - ready to upload!

What about updates?

There's no need to update your app once it's published to the store - any changes to your website are automatically reflected within the app.

Will videos, forms and other scripts still work?

Yes. All features of mobile websites supported by today's smartphones will still work.

What happens with links to other sites?

Links to pages in the same website domain (internal links) will load inside the app - as you'd expect. Links to other websites or applications will launch the mobile browser, again as you would expect.

Worried about malware?

We take app security seriously. All apps are digitally 'signed' to ensure they cannot be altered after being published. Google also scans all apps for security when you upload them - this is known as Prelaunch Reporting.

Will my ads still work?

Yes, absolutely. As long as the user's mobile device is online, it will load all the content just as you would see it in the mobile web browser.

What about geolocation?

As long as the user allows your website to view their location, geolocation should work as expected - although the accuracy of it will depend on the user's phone settings.

What if the user's device goes offline?

In order to present a more friendly experience to your users, the app will detect if their device is offline and warn them. If you actually want your app to work completely offline, with website files you provide, just let us know.

Can AppItUp publish the app for me?

We could, but you will really want to publish your app under your own brand in the store - so you need to set that up yourself. Learn how to get a Google Play Developer account here.

Need an advanced feature, such as barcode scanning?

We can do that - just contact us.